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Set on a craggy hilltop in northeast Italy about 14 miles from Rimini, San Marino is the third smallest state in Europe, beat out in the “smallest state” category by Vatican City and Monaco.

Still, though, every year about 2 million tourists make the trek to Repubblica di San Marino, as it’s officially called, to add it to their “been there” list. Once here, however, they find that there’s not much to do except to visit the countless souvenir shops that line its streets to buy stamps, coins and other trinkets, and, perhaps, to have lunch in the many restaurants filled with fellow tourists.

Hotel Titano, San Marino / Lanzate

Hotel Titano, San Marino / Lanzate

What San Marino does offer, however, is a spectacular view from its 2100-foot perch above the Italian plain. Wander away from the souvenir stands and climb up to its fortress if you want to see it at its best, and quietest, and try to avoid visiting it on weekends. Better yet, visit during the off-season when you’ll find the experience a lot more relaxing.

Top Experiences:

The Fortressa beautiful view of he surrounding countryside


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