Hi, I’m Jim Ferri, the Editor of Never Stop Traveling.

I’ve never stopped traveling and don’t plan to anytime soon, since I’m still a wide-eyed traveler at heart.

The aim of Never Stop Traveling is to share my and others’ real experiences while traveling the world. My fellow writers and I want to cut through all of the hype and tell people about really interesting places to go and our experiences there. And, of course, accompany it all with some great photography.

JF-Havana-DSC04849-100-BAfter a tour of duty in the Army, I became a freelance magazine photographer, then also a writer, and subsequently the managing editor of a large travel magazine. There was no doubt the travel bug had bitten me hard.

After a few years I joined a large New York public relations agency and later became the North American director of public relations for the world’s largest airline (at the time), and afterwards the director of PR for the world’s largest hotel company (at the time). I accept no blame for both no longer being the largest (at this time).

I subsequently set out on my own to do public relations, and like most sole practitioners, found the road quite bumpy. Then one day my wife, after hearing me complain incessantly about the problems and issues I faced on a daily basis, told me “you’re driving me crazy!!! You’re so frustrated by your work. Why don’t you go back to your roots ­– photography and writing – the work you really love?”

Three months later I told her I was taking her advice and would be closing my small agency to go back into the media. Voila! Never Stop Traveling was born. (I should note that she later confided she had no idea what she was suggesting at the time and thought I was crazy to attempt this).

If you read Never Stop Traveling with any regularity you know I’m in the company of some very talented writers who also never stop traveling. You can meet them below.

Marjorie Kean
Kean - 100Marjorie Kean is an international business executive who has lived in the U.S., Asia and Latin America. Ever since her childhood days spent exploring the wilds of Central Park in New York City, Marjorie has pursued personal moments of discovery all over the world, beginning with her Peace Corps experiences after graduating from college and continuing through Asia, North and South America and Europe.

Marcia Raffel Levin

Marcia Raffel Levin graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in journalism. While a stay-at-home mom she contributed to a number of community Marcia Levin 100papers before joining the Hollywood Sun-Tattler as Features Editor. The Sun-Tattler, in Hollywood, FL, was a Scripps-Howard paper and “travel” fell under the aegis of Features, thus a new career was born. Now a veteran traveler and travel writer, she is past President of the Society of American Travel Writers and has wandered around the globe, alone and with friends and family. Marcia can be packed in 15 minutes and ready for the next adventure.

Donna Manz
Donna Manz admits to having a passion for travel. She is a reporter for a Northern Virginia newspaper chain and an independent travel consultant.  While pursuing Manz -- 100her master’s degree in hospitality and tourism management, however, she happily finds that her trips abroad keep interrupting her studies.  As a travel planner, Donna focuses on Europe, senior and solo travel, and river cruises. Follow Donna at www.facebook.com/DreamVacationsByDonna and www.facebook.com/thebavariantravelinglife.

Tony Tedeschi
“Let me understand this,” she said with a quizzical look on her face, “you write term papers for a living?” Tony Tedeschi, admits that the analysis of his life’s work by his youngest daughter had given him pause. “But,” he replied, “look at the places I get to visit.” Tedeschi does plead guilty to an almost insatiable sense of wonder that has taken him to places far and wide, in many cases simply because he Tony Tedeschihadn’t been there yet. As a result of these explorations, he has contributed to newspapers across the breadth of the U.S. from The New York Times and the Washington Post to the Los Angeles Times and San Diego Union-Tribune. He has had articles published in dozens of magazines and for 13 years wrote all the special travel sections for Audubon magazine. His photography has appeared in such publications as The Atlantic Monthly, American Way, Brides and Travel & Leisure.  He was the founding editor of naturaltraveler.com.  Tedeschi is author, co-author or a major contributor to more than a dozen books, including his novel, “Unfinished Business,” available through online booksellers.

Bill Warelis
When Bill Warelis was still a teenager he took off to London alone to work, travel Europe and find himself. He didn’t work much and the only thing he found was Warelis--100that he loved seeing new places. He returned to Canada, married a wonderful woman who shared his passions, and spent his career in communications working with a variety of travel-related clients and taking vacations as frequently as possible. It was only recently, almost 35 years after his first trip, that Bill realized there are people other than his family and friends who might be interested in his travel-related thoughts and experiences.

Ethical Considerations

The cost of most of the travel (including transportation, hotels, meals, etc.) to develop articles for NeverStopTraveling, including our blog and other related content, is personally funded. We are never compensated to provide opinions or ratings.

At times, however, we do participate in media or familiarization trips sponsored by destinations or other travel entities, in which transportation, accommodations, meals and other travel-related services may be provided. Participation in such trips never influences NeverStopTraveling’s content — everything you read is the personal opinion of its editors and writers, of sources we trust or of readers who choose to make online comments.

We tell you the truth about our experiences in those places we visit, relating both the good and the bad, and if we believe something is inappropriate for our readers, it will not appear on this site. Companies or their representatives who invite us on media or familiarization trips are advised of this in advance.

Finally, although we make every possible effort to link only to sites that provide the most useful information to our readers, we can not be responsible for any content that appears on those sites.


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